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Projector Screen Dealers in chennai:

Mithra Audio Visuals is one of the leading Projector Screen Dealers in Chennai .We deal with all types of projection screens .

We are offering all types of projector screens like Portable screens, Wall mount installock screens, Motorised screens, Fixed frame screens, manual screens, tripod projection screens, map type projection screens , projector accessories and projector ceiling kits.

We are the authorized dealers of top brands like Liberty, Winger, Suvira, Elite screens, Da-lite. Buy best projector screens from Mithra Audio Visuals, the Best Projector Screens Suppliers in Chennai.

Why Projection screens:

Projector screen surfaces have been developed for a specific purpose to get the best out of projectors. The surface is made to reflect the light in the right way so the viewer benefits from the best image possible.

A wall, blind or sheet on the other hand may have some texture that will affect the amount and how the light is reflected and how sharp the image looks. Unless the surface is completely flat the image can look distorted. Also any colour tint will affect the colours on the projected image.

Wide range of varieties are there in various brands with different fabric options and aspect ratios.

Types of projection screens:

  • Portable screens
  • Wall mount installock screens
  • Motorised screens
  • Fixed frame screens

Sizes: 6x4’,5x7’, 6x8’

Brands: Liberty ,Winger, Suvira, Elite, Dalite etc