How to Choose The Right Projector For You.

Mithra | 29th July 2017
How to Choose The Right Projector For You

Project outstanding images that impress your audience, wherever you are. Read our definitive guide to choosing a new projector for any environment: classrooms, offices, boardrooms, halls, auditoriums, cinemas, retail outlets, visitor attractions – or your own front room.

Projectors For Education:-

For Large Classrooms:-

Installation projectors are ideal for large classrooms. At over 4,000 lumens, they’re bright and powerful, allowing you to project without lowering the blinds. Interchangeable lenses give more flexibility in positioning the projector permanently anywhere in your classroom. For larger and more demanding venues requiring the brightest projections and highly sophisticated features. Mithra audio visuals authorized dealers for top projector brands and deliver powerful performance, long life and low maintenance projectors.

For Smaller Classrooms:-

Portable projectors are ideal for smaller classrooms, where you don’t need the higher brightness of a more powerful installation projector. These projectors are both small and light – a weight of between 2.5kg and 4kg is typical – making them easy to transport between classrooms and quick to set up at the start of each lesson. You can expect a built-in zoom lens for fine-tuning images to fill a wall or whiteboard. Also look out for fast on/off to save time, and energy-conscious features like Auto Dimming and Picture Mute.

Short Throw (ST) and Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors are perfectly suited to smaller classrooms with limited space. They can be positioned very close to a wall, screen or digital whiteboard, projecting clear images 2 metres across or even bigger

Projectors For Corporate Environment:-

For Large Meeting Rooms :-

Boardrooms and large meeting spaces demand a projector that’s bright enough to be seen clearly, even in daylight. A ceiling-mounted Installation projector is your prime choice, delivering a powerful 4,000 lumens or more. If the projector is being used heavily for long periods at a time, consider laser projection for reduced maintenance and lower ownership costs.

For Small meeting Rooms :-

Portable projectors are a versatile, cost-conscious choice for any office – they’re small and light enough to transport easily between different rooms as needed. Quick start-up saves time, while energy-saving features like Auto Dimming and Picture Mute keep running costs right down. A built-in zoom lens plus features like keystone correction make it easy to create crisp, clear images that fit neatly onto a whiteboard or wall. Wi-Fi enabled projectors allow cable-free presentations from a laptop or tablet.

Projectors For Museums And Large Venues:-

For museums and exhibitions:-

Museums, art galleries and other public spaces require Visualisation and Simulation projectors. Interchangeable lenses plus lens shift adjustment simplify creation of large, accurately-proportioned images, wherever the projector’s positioned. Long operating hours make laser projectors the preferred choice: the long-lasting light source maintains even brightness over its working life, with low running costs and minimal maintenance. Edge blending creates super-sized high-resolution images by seamlessly joining pictures from multiple projectors. Image Warping opens up exciting creative possibilities, allowing projection onto curved, irregular surfaces.

Home Cinema projectors:-

Home Cinema projectors deliver the best possible picture quality in a darkened living room, basement or dedicated screening theatre. A zoom lens allows fine-tuning of image size to suit any interior space. Motionflow technology reduces blur for crisper on-screen action. Newer models can handle movies shot in HDR (High Dynamic Range), for extremely high contrast with an even wider range of brightness levels. For extra convenience, a memory function allows recall of picture settings to suit any movie. There’s also low fan noise to avoid disturbing quiet passages of dialogue.

Digital Cinema Projectors : -

For movie Theatres:-

The powerful light output of our Digital Cinema projectors ranges from 9,000 lumens – ideal for smaller screens – up to 30,000 lumens for large auditoriums. That’s over four times the resolution of Full HD, so audiences can’t see any blocky pixels, even sitting close to the screen. The SXRD optical engine assures rich, lifelike on-screen colours plus an industry-leading contrast ratio of up to 8000:1 for bright highlights and rich, deep blacks. Several lamps means there’s no risk of dark screens if one source fails without warning. As well as reducing maintenance needs it’s more energy-efficient.

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