Be a Eco-Friendly (LCD,LED Lamps) User, Avoid Mercury Lamps.

Mithra | 26th September 2017
Be a Eco-Friendly (LCD,LED Lamps) User, Avoid Mercury Lamps

LED & Laser Projectors are Enviromental /EcoFriendly:-

Be a part in saving the Mother Earth from global warming by using Mercury lamp free projectors. Lamp less LED &Laser projectors does not have mercury lamp which is the main consumable spare in a projector.

Avoid Mercury Lamps:-

While using Mercury lamp based projectors heat is generated substantially and after the end of the lamp life it becomes e-waste which is a quite challenging decomposing process for all the countries across the globe.

Why Mercury Free Projectors?

By using mercury free projectors you save money also. There is no headache of bursting lamps, replacing lamps frequently since the lamp life gets over quickly, lampless led projector gives 20000hrs life.